Foraged Faces

Foraged Faces: Watching Nature/Nature Watching

June 10 - July 2, 2022; ROY G. BIV Gallery

For the year 2021, I committed to a daily practice of walking outdoors, a commitment which (like most practice) I fulfilled most of the time. My commitment was a physical commitment to myself, and a commitment to the natural world – to notice and appreciate the offerings and changes through the seasons. Each walk I collected natural items I found, and then shaped them into a mould created of my own face.

This work then is about practice, showing up, being present. And also, a documentation and archive of time spent connecting and entangling with the natural world. And can also be a meditation on memory, what we collect and how we recollect.

This work became about finding ourselves in the natural world. Nature holds up a mirror of lessons that teach us about our humanity and how to be with the Earth. This work is a celebration of the abundance of the Earth, as each mask was created from the tiniest of harvest. This work hopes to remind us that we too are nature. Comprised of the same elements, we are, in fact, always nature looking at nature. This work encourages you to find yourself in nature, and nature inside of you.

December 6th, Framed