In operation since 2017, Empowered Learning by Design has offered Individual and Non-Profit Consulting, Experiential Program Design and Somatic Movement Education. 

As a consultant, I work with individuals and non-profits to pin down their visions, map their workflows, and identify possibilities for growth and change. I facilitate the selection of a direction and a timeline/action plan for the many next steps. Once the plan is established, I fill in gaps while we work towards their next iteration. Finally, when we have developed a successful process and/or achieved the benchmark, I (or we) create and provide the training and documentation necessary for long-term sustainability, using experiential learning design tools, so the process can be replicated and taught again and again. 

My business holds my philosophy – I believe that work should integrate creative practice, and as such, I have my own creative practice as an artist and mover that is central to my work. This work is my own ‘learning by doing’ and I share the fruits of this practice with my clients and the public.

I believe the body is central to all that we do – and that we must allow time to care for and tap into the body and its/our wisdom. Our ability to learn, to be present, to act in the world all depends on our body baseline. The more attuned we are to ourselves, the more present and available we are to be available to new information, to changes, and to others. Therefore, I teach Somatic Movement Education classes and workshops, and bring consideration of the body into all I do.


1. Experiential – “Learning by Doing (or Being)”. In my work, there is permission to try many times, to fail, to innovate, to grow. We learn from our environment, and we must have space and time to explore.

2. Embodied – we learn with and through our bodies. All learning must incorporate the sensations and needs of the body. This includes (but is not limited to) mindfulness, adequate rest, movement, and relaxation.

3. Empowered – Learning is not something that is ‘done to us’, but rather something in which we take an active role. We are in the driver’s seat of our own experiences, and we can control/modulate the extent to which we dive into an experience. With the tools I offer, we can also take cues from our bodies, knowing when we have had enough, and when it is time to rest.

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