Our arteries branch as rivers do.
Our iris reflects a supernova.
Our body is part of the fractal geometry that is found in so many living things.
The Earth teaches us lessons about ourselves, when we sit with her quietly, when we believe she has something to say.

“It’s not deep, it’s subtle.”

How do we connect with her? What is our approach? Is our connection different in different places and spaces? How do our ancestors guide us towards or away from connection?

This blog is an exploration of the connections between inside and outside. In this writing, I dance along these threads of connectivity.

How does what I notice in the environment help me notice what’s inside me? How does what I notice inside me help me connect with what’s around me?

Where do these threads lead?

How does the Earth support me in knowing Myself? How does knowing Myself support me in being with the Earth, with others, with all of creation?

I invite you to explore with me, leave your own threads, findings, curiosities for others (if you’d like)

take some with you for your own journey…