Non-Profit Consulting and Management


     Using a variety of methods, ELD helps fledgling and established non-profits take their next steps.
      Honoring the work that has come before, we help assess what is working and what needs to shift in order for organizations to continue fulfilling their mission and grow.

Consulting can include:
– advice on where to put energy and resources for maximum benefit
– identifying where the organization is the ‘ripest’ and how to harvest these fruits
– clarifying organizational missions, programs and goals
– staff development and support
– assessing and streamlining administration and overhead


Challenges you may face & how Empowered Learning by Design can help

Is your challenge inefficiency?

Empowered Learning by Design can help with work-flow streamlining and structural development.

Is Your Challenge too few hands on deck?

Empowered Learning by Design can provide a short-term stop-gap to keep your organization moving while developing long-term strategies to become sustainable. 

Is your challenge that you don’t know where to grow? or what your next steps are?
Empowered Learning by Design can help you identify your strengths and challenges, assess what is and isn’t working, and collaboratively generate what to do next with your board and/or staff (even a staff of one!). Together we will create a strategy for growth to reach the level YOU would like, and put the support in place to ensure your organization is sustainable and self-sustaining over the long-term.
is your challenge building a self-sustaining organization?

Empowered Learning by Design will help you examine your balance sheets and collaborate on how to bring more revenue in or cut back on expenditures. Sometimes that may be as simple as a software shift; sometimes that may be program development from the ground up. ELD can organize the stakeholders in your organization and facilitate the discovery of solutions by working with the people that care about your organization the most. ELD will ‘fill in the gaps’ by providing training, support and service until you have the capacity you need to continue on your own.